How many images will I receive from my wedding coverage?

This number will vary a bit based on length of coverage, but most couples receive somewhere between 600 and 800 (edited) images for single day wedding and many more for multi-day indian weddings. I do not have a set number that I try and reach for every wedding. I shoot all digital so there is no limitation, we have plenty of memory cards.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Our style is editorial and photojournalistic. With minimal staged images. Our formals are more on the traditional side but the rest is very organic, natural and relaxed.

Can I give you a shoot list of images I want to have taken?

We prefer if you didn’t  About a month before the wedding, we will send you a “wedding day worksheet” to complete.  This form will give your photographer all of the important details about your wedding, including which family members are important to photograph during the formal portraits.  If there are unexpected moments (like fireworks) we will surely want to know so we can be ready to capture the moment. However, other than the family formals list, our photographers prefer to capture real moments as they happen instead of creating them by following a list..

Do you shoot in color or black and white?

We shoot everything in color and will edit images in black and white in post production.

Do you shoot digital or film?

We shoot all digital.


Approximately how many weddings do you photograph per year?

We photograph a combined 75-100 weddings per year between all of our associates.

We’d like to set up a consultation but we dont live in your area. Is there an alternative?

Sure!  We can schedule a regular phone call.  If you would prefer to meet “face to face” we can also Skype or iChat.  This is a great option so we can actually chat and see each other.

Do you travel for engagement sessions?

Absolutely!  We all have passports and will travel anywhere!

How long after the wedding before we will we see our photographs?

On average 4-6 weeks, but we really strive to have your online gallery ready for viewing around 3-4 weeks after your wedding.

How do we secure you for our wedding?

Contact the studio at (954) 636-8422 or send a request via our contact page. Once we receive that request we will check availability and contact you regarding a meeting in person.

Offices hours are Tue-Fri 10am-7pm, however we are often flexible and try to accommodate our client’s schedules. Maloman Studios can only hold wedding dates after the receipt of a signed contract and a 40% retainer, the balance will be due 60 & 30 days before the wedding.

Do we pay for your visa/work-permit when shooting abord?

When we travel out of the country, some governments require work permits for all photographers.  We always comply and secure the work permit and will either include the cost in the original travel fee if we know about it ahead of time or invoice you if we find out later that we must have a work permit.  Not getting the work permit could mean deportation before the wedding… not good if you want photos of your wedding!

What is the purpose of an engagement session and why do I need one?

Engagement sessions gives us a chance to meet and photograph you prior to the wedding. It’s a great way to get to know each other. At the wedding you will feel more comfortable with us. Check out our engagement session category for more ideas.

What is a client gallery?

A client gallery is a password protected website where you can view all of your images.  You and your family/friends can also purchase prints, canvases and digital files from your online gallery.

What is “trashing the dress”?

We dont “trash the dress”. We will however do a post wedding session with you and your dress if you choose to.

Do you offer rehearsal dinner coverage?

Absolutely!  We’ve found that 2 hours is sufficient to cover most rehearsal dinners.  The rehearsal dinner will occasionally be photographed by one of our associates if Stephan is unavailable.

Who will photograph my wedding?

The main photographer who will photograph your wedding will always be named on your contract. That will depend on who you will choose to cover your event. Visit our photographers page for more details.

Do we get to keep the digital files?

Yes! You will receive high resolution DVD’s or Flash Drives of your digital files with your finished album/s.

How long after the wedding will I be able to order prints online?

Your image gallery will remain online for 180 days after the wedding. We have found that 6 months allows most of our clients and their loved ones plenty of time to place any additional print and album orders. If you find that you need additional time, additional 6 months may be purchased. You will receive a notification when your gallery is about to expire.

Why are prints ordered from your online gallery so expensive?

All images ordered from us will be different than the prints you would get from Costco or Target. I love Costco but not for wedding photos.

Every order we receive we manually custom retouch for color correction, sharpness, true black & whites and creative edits. We also retouch imperfections such as circles around the eyes, dust or dirt on jackets and sometimes we even clean the beach or make the grass greener and sky look more dramatic. All of this custom work takes time, and after all these are your wedding images. Do you really want someone to have a poorly, off color printed image of your wedding? We sure don’t.

Do you retouch my photos?

We retouch images that will be used in the final book design and any prints (larger than 5×7) that are ordered through our online gallery.

What is pre-designing an album?

In order to expedite this process and to make things easier to our clients we will choose the images that we believe will make a beautiful album. We will than pre-design the album and present it to you in a online version where you will be able to view and submit revissions. Once approved by you we will finalize it and submit to print/bind. You will receive your gorgeous album within 6-8 weeks after approval.

Do you have preferred vendors you like to work with?

Absolutely!  We have a list of assorted vendors that we enjoy working with that do fantastic work.  Let us know what you’re looking for and we can give you referrals.

What type of equipment do you use?

Stephan and Ron use top of the line Nikon D4’s and D800’s and Stella and Ryan use Canon’s top of the line Mark 3’s. We all have an extensive list of backup equipment at all events we cover. Contact us for a more detailed list.


Do we arrange your travel?

No. We’ll find the most convenient (and least expensive) option, but prefer to arrange our own travel.

What do you do if we have an outdoor event and it rains on our wedding day?

We adapt.  We realize that weddings are a live event and no matter how much meticulous planning goes into it, things happen.  Should it rain, we will find a suitable location inside to take photographs.

My venue requiers a certificate of insurance, can you provide that?

Absolutely!  We just need to know exactly how the venue wants to be listed on the Certificate of Insurance, along with their mailing address.

Do you require vendor meals?

Yes.  Most weddings we work are a minimum of 8 hours and we do not have time to go offsite for a meal.  Please discuss vendor meals with your venue/planner. We always prefer the vegetarian option when possible.

Can other vendors bring a photographer to shoot details of my wedding?

Absolutely not.  We beautifully photograph the details of every wedding and share them with the other vendors.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, money orders and any credit card (there will be a 3% credit card fee) online and over the phone. Cash & gold bars will also be accepted.